19 May 2020


If, at this moment, we cannot go to dream destinations, the destinations can reach us through the TV screen. The possibilities are enormous. From America to Asia. Just choose where to go, click on the remote control, and behold, magical stories, with captivating characters, can be lived by the four corners of the world, in places you may never have thought of visiting.

#DicasDeViagem: É HORA DE VIAJAR VIA STREAMING Camila Coelho

Unorthodox is a Netflix series with only four episodes. It premiered in late March. It is based on the true story of a girl born in an ultra-Orthodox New York Jewish community and raised by her grandparents, Holocaust survivors. After an arranged marriage, she decides to flee to Berlin, where she tries to start her life over. Berlin is a charming city, full of history and worth being seen as a backdrop to this strong and exciting history.

#DicasDeViagem: É HORA DE VIAJAR VIA STREAMING Camila Coelho

#DicasDeViagem: É HORA DE VIAJAR VIA STREAMING Camila Coelho

Caliphate leaves our nerves on edge from start to finish. The drama debuted on Netflix in March 2020, with 8 episodes. It was created by a Swedish television group addressing the issue of religious fanaticism and soon became a success. The path of several women crosses on the verge of an Islamic attack on Sweden plotted in Syria. It is shocking. Mainly because it is based on real facts. It’s worth watching to better understand the radicalisms that happen in the world, and also to see the beautiful city of Stockholm and dive into the harsh reality of Syria, a country that I would love to visit but for obvious reasons is out of the question “at the moment”. Maybe in the future.

#DicasDeViagem: É HORA DE VIAJAR VIA STREAMING Camila Coelho

#DicasDeViagem: É HORA DE VIAJAR VIA STREAMING Camila Coelho

I hope I have inspired you with these trips through America, Europe and the Middle East.

For now we will travel without leaving the house. XoXo and see you next Tuesday.

Claudia Liechavicius

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Olá a todas as divas que procuram mais sobre maquiagem, quero indicar um curso que fiz com minhas amigas, possuo hoje um certificado profissional, e conforme o #fiqueemcasa é totalmente online, fica a dica!

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