The “new normal” is slowly arriving. Life begins to smile again with the promise of a vaccine against Covid-19 and we are all rooting for the end of this frightening pandemic that has taken away the peace and freedom of the world.  Trips to destinations surrounded by nature and the choice of exclusive hotels and with few accommodations, will certainly be a trend in this resumption. So, I will leave you “drooling” with the tip of Camp Sarika by Amangiri that has just opened its doors in the United States, in Utah.

The sophisticated Amangiri is already known to many people. It just turned 10 and won a sister hotel, Camp Sarika. They are very close. It’s only a 5-minute drive between them, or a 30-minute walk, which is a great idea because it is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, in terms of nature.

Only ten super exclusive tents, focused on sustainability and integrated into the environment were built at Camp Sarika whose name means “open air space”. The tarps that cover the accommodations were made with recycled plastic bottles. The interior is minimalist, with furniture also in harmony with the surroundings made of stone, leather and wood. All designed with great care!

Outside, each tent has its own swimming pool, with a fireplace, terrace and telescope so that each group of guests can live in their own private space, without much contact with others, with the canyons and the desert as company. It is important to be isolated at that moment. Breakfast is served a la carte and the kitchen uses fresh local products. The menu changes daily and pleases vegans and vegetarians. Guests also have outdoor yoga and meditation classes in the open air.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri is surrounded by wonderful canyons like the Grand Canyon and Antelope. A good idea is to drive there from Las Vegas. It’s only 260 kilometers of beautiful roads. From Los Angeles it is a bit further, about 500 kilometers, but at this moment the car is great option and let’s agree that these roads are stunning.

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