French women have a unique and striking style, mixing classic pieces with more casual ones. And in beauty they are also known for characteristics that ensure a natural charm, but equally unique. Today we tell you some secrets of the French beauty routine that you can adopt in your own routine!

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels


French women bet on basic beauty, where less is more. Their toiletry is composed only of essential and multifunctional skincare and makeup items.


Known for the use of thermal water, this is one of the products that is always in their beauty kits and bathroom countertops, since it is ideal to clean, refresh, and even provide a small dose of hydration to the skin.

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They prefer a cleaner makeup and no layers and colors on the skin and eyes. The idea is to always highlight natural features and colors. Therefore, no exaggerated contouring, high coverage foundation, or colorful eye makeup. They love a classic red lipstick, bb cream (multifunctional and with several benefits for the skin) and natural eyebrows, lightly combed.


France is the paradise of perfumes and it is clear that this is an essential item in the daily life of French women, who prefer elegant fragrances, but equally delicate and striking.

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Have you ever noticed that French women’s hair always looks disheveled? This is because, in fact, they always prefer hair with a more natural look, the famous messy hair, marked by a messier texture. It looks so good and effortless!

What do you think of this beauty style? Do you like this more natural mood, or do you prefer something more heavier and colorful?