Colors, textures, fabrics and finishes come and go in the fashion world, but some prints, for example, never leave the scene. These prints are versatile and timeless, complementing any type of look, whether you are more cool or more simple in your choice of pieces. Check them out:


Look: Camila Coelho Collection X Revolve

Look- Xadrez pro DESFILE DIOR (Haute Couture) camila coelho4

Plaid is a wild card in the fashion world and follows a simple pattern of well-defined and symmetrical squares, with two or more contrasting colors. To give you an idea of how this pattern is on the rise, in 2020 alone, searches for “gingham print” increased 110% on Pinterest!

Curiosity: Gingham is a type of plaid and has French origins.

Polka Dot

Polka dot pieces: Camila Coelho Collection X Revolve

Polka dot is a timeless print, a true classic of the 50s and 60s. Ah, and of course, over the years, polka dot has gained new patterns, colors, shapes, and dimensions.

The size of the polka dots can vary, but always ensuring a fluid, feminine, and often more romantic look. This print always gives a more vintage look to the piece and can even be combined with other types of prints, depending on your personal taste!


Perhaps the most classic of the prints, striped pieces are easy to match and great to compose the most basic looks, but without being too obvious. In addition, they are also versatile in the direction of the stripes, i.e., you can bet on vertical or horizontal stripes.

Curiosity: in the past, stripes were considered a symbol of poverty and marginality. It was none other than Coco Chanel who gave a new meaning to this print.

It all began when the French designer took a trip to the coast of France and observed the uniforms of French sailors whose main feature were the navy blue and white stripes. From this, she was inspired by these uniforms to create her own pieces with this versatile print.

Animal Print

The animal print generates some controversy in the fashion universe, because it can exist in different patterns. Whether leopard, snakes, tigers or zebra, this print ensures a touch of boldness and even an air of sensuality to the look.

Now tell us: which print do you like the most and which would you like to wear the most?