The animal print pattern is a wild card that will never go out of style. You can match it with basic or equally stylish pieces. Below are some tips on how to rock the combination of looks that have this classic and at the same time modern pattern.

Camila shares two totally different ways of betting on animal prints. The first with a more laid-back look, wearing a high-waisted pair of pants and a more neutral shirt with a long neckline.

The second, on the other hand, would be ideal for a more formal occasion, wearing a shirt with this pattern and a solid tone skirt in a light shade of pink. To bring more seriousness to the look, she complemented it with dark accessories, such as the shoes and the bag.

Zebra, cheetah/leopard, snake, and even Dalmatians: the print goes with different pieces and occasions, to choose other pieces and accessories that “talk” with the look as a whole.

Animal print can be a good extra dose of style and goes well with winter pieces such as vests, bomber jackets, blazers, and summer pieces such as tank tops, light shirts, long dresses, or skirts.

Now, if you love animal print and want it to be the highlight of your look, just choose a single piece, like a dress. Another super stylish option is to have a long coat with this print, with or without texture. If you want to keep the highlight as this piece, bet on the rest of the look in more neutral tones, or even monochrome.

Photo: Etiqueta Única

How do you usually wear animal print? And which piece would you like to have in this pattern?