Leather is a fabric that makes the look more modern, stylish and never goes out of style. Besides, those who think that it can only be worn in winter are wrong, because with the right choice, you can rock leather pieces in the summer too. Check out 4 versatile and different looks with leather pieces for different occasions – and seasons, of course.

In this look, Camila shows us two previously unimagined combinations: leather + color! Yes, this is a modern and fun way to get away from the classic shades of black and brown when it comes to leather. In addition, the outfit itself already draws attention, so you can bet on more neutral details, such as a basic t-shirt and a thin high-heeled sandal.

The shorts are also a great option to be worn in leather fabric and can be used in mid-season, or even in the coolest summer days. In this look, Camila has put together a look full of personality, where the shorts are not that short and sexy, but a version at knee height and with a crossover at the waist, which makes the piece even more interesting.

To complement this look, nothing less than a coat with lots of shine, a classic shoulder pad and a delicate V-neck. On what occasion would you wear this look?

If you’re on the classic team, but like looks that are not obvious at the same time, here Camila shows you how to wear a leather jacket with a good dose of print. To complement the look, a heavier boot (also in leather), ensures comfort and balance to the production.

Remember the coat from the beginning? Here it takes on a whole new meaning in the look, acting almost like a trench coat…. in leather, haha. Notice how the outfit is lighter and more casual? So, you can wear a leather jacket (in color!) and still put together different productions.

Which look did you like the most?