Did you know that there is a correct order to apply products in your skincare routine? Whether it’s a minimalist routine or one with countless steps, the right thing to do is to always start with the lightest products and work your way up to the densest ones. Otherwise, applying products in the wrong order can end up causing acne or even product waste.

Check out which stage each product is in and remember: the secret is in the sensory of each product!

The order of textures in the skincare routine is as follows: start with the most liquid product, serum, gel, lotion/cream. Then you will start the routine always by cleansing the skin, with a makeup remover and a facial soap.

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Follow with the toner, which will balance the pH of your skin, and prepare it to better absorb the actives of the next products. Now it’s time to moisturize the complexion, so you can apply a serum or moisturizing cream/gel. In the daytime routine, you finish the skin with sunscreen, and in the nighttime routine with creams for localized treatments.

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What about eye cream? And the face oil? The eye cream should be applied before the moisturizer and the oil after these two products. Facial oil is responsible for nourishing the skin, but it will also strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, thus preventing the water present in it from evaporating. This even helps protect the skin against fungus and bacteria. 

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If you have no experience with acids in your skincare routine, it is best to apply them after moisturizer and on alternate days. The moisturizer will act as a barrier, preventing rapid absorption of the acid in the first few applications and thus reducing the chances of redness and irritation on the skin.

Now tell me: is your skincare routine more minimalist or packed with products and steps?