You asked for it and I’m back, so get ready for our weekly meeting on my Youtube channel! Over there I always shared everything I love most: fashion, beauty and some details about my life and career on the internet.

Now, during the most special and expected phase of my life, I couldn’t help but register and share with you how everything has been so far! So now we will have a “Pregnancy Series” and in each episode we will have different topics about this universe that is so new and so desired by me!

In the first episode I opened my heart and told you how getting pregnant was my biggest dream in life! In addition, I shared with you a little bit about my long process (yes, it took many months to see the positive result), how I felt, and of course, how it was when we found out and told the people we love the most! Get your tissues ready and take a look:

In the second episode, I shared more details about the most magical moment in my life – and the fears and feelings that came along with it! In this video I tell you about my biggest fear with pregnancy, which as most of you already know, is about my condition having epilepsy. There was even a special appearance by daddy Icaro! Check it out:

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What did you think of these first two videos? And what do you want to know about pregnancy? Tell me in the comments below!