The last few weeks have been going by super fast and I recently completed 27 weeks of pregnancy – which makes me even happier and more excited to meet our long-awaited baby soon!

While the month of the leo’s is not here yet, we recorded another episode of the Pregnancy Series and guess what? We’re back with another challenge between Icaro and I – remember in the last episode I commented that we love a competitive game?

And as I commented in the last episode too, we are very competitive, so let’s just say we take this game a bit seriously… lol. Known as “pie in the face”, this game has rules which basically consist of: we were given a question (in this case about motherhood) and whoever rang the bell first and then answered the question correctly, had the right to give the other a nice pie in the face! Check it out:

If you, Mom or Dad, want to play with your partner too, take a look at the questions:

  1. At how many months is a baby able to sit up?
  2. What is the safest position for the baby to sleep until he/she is one year old?
  3. At how many months does the baby begin to make happy sounds?
  4. Sing three lullabies.
  5. True or False: A newborn baby doesn’t need to drink water?
  6. Truth or False: Babies can see superbly?
  7. Truth or False: A newborn baby cries without tears?
  8. What’s in the maternity unit with the letter D?
  9. Truth or False: can the baby feed and breathe at the same time?

So, what did you think of these questions? Who got it right more, mom or dad?

See you next week for another video of this series that I’m loving to share with you! Deal?