Episode 8 is one of the most special so far, because we were able to gather some of our family and friends for baby Coelho’s shower. This moment happened on a super beautiful and hot summer day – and as you already know, I love this season, so it was all good!

This is baby Coelho’s first “event” lol, so I was super excited and the day couldn’t have been more special and joyful! In fact, on this day several friends were able to see me pregnant for the first time! We played a lot of fun games and the guests received onesies to explore their imagination and customize for the baby. 

Oh, and instead of gifts for the baby, I asked each guest to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation to help children who have this disorder! ❤

And the decoration was beautiful and lux – right in the mood of our baby who will be Leo. With that, nothing better than stuffed lions and lots of green to color the environment, right?

The guests received souvenirs from Pipette and the beautiful table set was from Dior. This baby is chic, right? Check out the video of this amazing day in our lives – and certainly in baby Coelho’s too!

So, did you have fun with this video? See you next week, okay?