Those who think sunscreen is only essential on sunny days are mistaken. In addition to protecting our skin against damage caused by UV rays, sun spots, and even the dreaded skin cancer, sunscreen also prevents premature aging of the skin, dryness, excessive oiliness, and other factors. 

Indispensable in any season of the year, sunscreen directly impacts the beauty routine, whether in skincare or makeup. Check out the benefits and importance of this product!

Sunscreen should be applied daily to properly cleansed and moisturized skin, during the morning skincare routine. And if you are often exposed to the sun, it is necessary to reapply the product every two hours. The minimum amount recommended for the face and neck area is equivalent to one teaspoon. 

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Nowadays, many sunscreens have nourishing actives in the formula, such as glycerin and vitamin E (an excellent antioxidant), helping to keep the skin hydrated – although we should not forget the use of moisturizer on a daily basis either. Thus, with the daily use of sunscreen, you guarantee a more beautiful skin and with the natural appearance of healthy skin. 

In addition, daily use of the product prevents skin dehydration, as well as sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Therefore, your makeup will have an aesthetically more beautiful and radiant result, since your skin will not need so many products to hide spots, freckles and even solar acne.

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If the sunscreen has a drier texture, it can be a great ally to the makeup, because it creates a film on the skin and thus acts as a “primer”, helping to control oiliness, increasing the durability of makeup and of course, softening the lines of foundation on the skin. 

For those who like practicality in their beauty routine, another option is to replace foundation with a sunscreen with a tint. coverage to the skin, helping to effectively cover annoyances such as dark circles, blemishes on the face and acne marks.

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Finally, to enhance the protection of sunscreen, include Vitamin C in your skincare routine, before applying SPF. This vitamin also helps to reduce the impact of the sun on the skin, restoring the health of the skin when damaged by the sun’s rays. This product also improves the texture and uniformity of the skin, helping to diminish fine lines, preventing wrinkles and ensuring more elasticity and firmness to the skin. The perfect match, huh?

Just don’t forget to properly remove the sunscreen (and other products) from the skin at the end of the day, okay? And tell me: do you use sunscreen daily? What is your favorite product in this category?