Feathers are back! First we saw this material in a few details in accessories and garments, but now, they are dominating looks and complete pieces – and I am loving it, obviously! 

Despite the modern and glamorous look, feathers are old in the fashion world, huh? They appeared around the 1920s, but gained strength around the 1960s – a period marked by Hollywood’s golden age, where feathers were a symbol of power and sophistication in the midst of luxury. 

The divas of that time wore different looks with feather details, from robes to dresses and even lingerie with details made of this material, which sometimes appeared in an extravagant way, sometimes in a more delicate way.

Today, feathers have a more youthful look and present different textures, sizes, and colors – not to mention that it has become much easier and more accessible to find pieces of this material, compared to before. You can find this material in several pieces to match and rock your ensembles, such as bags, shoes, scarves, even tops, jackets, and pants (and other pieces too, of course). 

I chose a monochrome and super comfortable look from Zen Oficial, a Brazilian brand with great and trendy looks. The pants have a more straight and polished cut, while the highlight goes to the top, with feathers, of course! The feathers of this piece are long and fall over the top, leaving a trendy finish that I love. 

What do you think of my choice? And what piece would you wear filled with feathers?