With the colder days coming, nothing better than remembering some looks of the day and start preparing the closet to stay warm all autumn/winter, right? With that in mind, I decided to rescue this perfect lilac outfit by Paco Rabanne, which is super comfortable and equally elegant.

Did anyone still have doubts that I would compose a 100% monochromatic look? To complement this look and break the delicacy of the lilac, I chose a long and structured leather jacket, with a croco texture and in a more intense shade of purple, almost a wine tone! This piece made all the difference in the look!

Can you believe that even the makeup followed this line in shades of purple and lilac? I opted for an elongated and highlighted smoky eye with these two shades!

Another touch of luminosity in this production is the bag, a beautiful, compact and super sophisticated model from BY FAR! I can carry the essentials and it makes all the difference in the look. Do you agree?

On the feet, how about another touch of purple? This time I chose a classic shade of this color, a purple with bluish background. Did you notice how the intensity of the color varies depending on the light? Indoors it is more discreet, while outdoors the color is more intense, almost neon! I love it!

I love every detail of this production, which I affectionately nicknamed blueberry smoothie! Which piece did you like the most?