In the current phase of my life (hello moms!), comfort and practicality go hand in hand when choosing the look of the day. That’s because life has become more hectic and the trips out of the house are now more punctual,, so everything is thought out in the smallest details, but without leaving style aside, of course.

Can you believe that I was not very excited that day? But it was only by seeing the new pieces of Camila Coelho Collection that I was inspired to put together this cute and informative look.

Let’s start by talking about this top? Carrie Top is a piece with a lot of information that makes it unique! Its front has drawstrings and follows a smocked style. You can wear it with an open neckline and shoulders, or even more closed. Made of fabric, which guarantees a soft touch with elasticity, this piece also has buttoned cuffs.

Fatima Pant is a pant that never goes out of style and despite its subtle pleated details, it is versatile and can be worn in more casual looks (like this one) and everyday looks, or even combined with more formal pieces, for elegant occasions . These pants feature slanted side and back pockets, as well as a zipper with hook-and-loop closure.

To top it off, we couldn’t forget about the accessories, right? I love gold and I think that pieces in this tone enhance the tone of my skin, so nothing better than betting on earrings and necklaces like this. I also chose a Louis Vuitton bag, which has a similar shade to the top and gold elements as well.

Who out there also loves seemingly simpler looks that still carry a lot of information and unique details?