If you love a practical wardrobe or want to wear your pieces all year round, we have good news: you can! That’s because some pieces are basic and versatile, making them wearable in all seasons, depending on how you combine them to complement your look. Trends come and go, but you can bet: the following pieces never go out of style!


Photo: @fetumas

Photo:  @fetumas

A blazer can transform any basic outfit into something more elegant, and depending on the fabric, you can wear it even on the hottest days. And with which pieces to combine it? You decide!

For a more laid back look, match the blazer with denim shorts or a pair of wide leg pants. For more casual productions, you can wear the piece with shorts and tailored pants, flowy dresses and even classic jeans.


Photo: @jessicaflores

Photo:  @jessicaflores

A good sneaker in a neutral color can be worn from the gym to work. This piece is synonymous with comfort in the look and is the famous “goes with everything”, making any look more modern and practical at the same time.


No matter what the style, everyone has a t-shirt in their wardrobe! Perhaps this is the most basic piece of all, but it is a true classic, timeless and versatile fashion item. It can compose a minimalist look, a super fashionista outfit, or even the look of a simple trip to the supermarket. To make the look sophisticated or basic, everything will depend on the fabric chosen and the other pieces and accessories that complement the outfit. With shorts, skirts, jeans or even a dress, just choose your favorite way to wear this piece!

Midi Dress

Photo: @luandavieira

Photo: @luandavieira

The midi dress is a great option for different seasons, since you can choose different fabrics and fits, and you can even wear it with different shoes (which can be the highlight of the production). Pleated, straight, flowy or fitted, the midi dress has a length that refreshes the legs in summer and can be worn with boots and thin tights during the winter.

This style of garment is synonymous with elegance and you can even turn it into a skirt if you wear a shirt, coat or sweater on top! What would be your favorite option?

So, which of these pieces do you already have in your wardrobe and which ones would you like to try?