22 May 2015

Hi loves!

A Blogger’s Life episode today is suuuper special, because I showed a day in Sao Paulo in which I was photographing for my collection for the brand Morena Rosa. I am super happy because it is my first clothing collection, and everything is incredible! Soon you will be able to check everything out.

I recorded the shoot in which I photograph 15 pieces. I really hope you like it!


What did you think ladies?

I can’t wait until my collection is fully done so I can show you everything!

21 May 2015

Hi loves!

Valentine’s Day (in Brasil) is around the corner and I loveee it! Whether it is a dinner, a trip, or even at home, it is always so good to enjoy a time well spent with our better half, right?! It is even better when we get that gift that we want  so much, after all, who here doesn’t like to receive gifts? haha.


[Photo credit:#aliceferraz @ferrazmoda]

Therefore, today I am suuuper happy to be able to present you my new collection for Le Postiche. It was great being able to create this collection, I did everything with sooooo much love, I thought of every detail to achieve that style of handbags that we love so much, there is even backpacks with studs – a piece that is super IN this season. I really hope you like it, and for the boyfriends who are on the lookout for a good gift, these purses are perfect to give your loved ones. I am sure that she will love it! Take a look:


What did you think, ladies?!

Unfortunately Le Postiche products are only sold in Brazil.

21 May 2015

Hi loves!

The Cannes Film Festival began on the 13th of last month, and it’s already giving us something to talk about. Many stunning looks, and others not so much (haha), have already passed through the most incredible red carpet of the year. I have separated the looks that I liked the most so far. I will make a post with my favorites and show the makeups as well.


Natalie Portman is always very classic and doesn’t dare much in her choices, but I love it! This Dior fit like a glove for this occasion. Absolutely beautiful!


Lupita always strikes out on the red carpets, and this time it was no different.  The Gucci dress made an amazing contrast with her skin tone, although pleats is a hard choice, on this dress it looked incredible. LOVE IT!


Charlize Theron  came to show us that it is possible to wear this tone of yellow and look beautiful. Although the color is very vibrant, the classic model and the strapless cut looked super chic. LOVED IT!473338158-620x929

Eva Longoria, chose a silver dress with an AMAZING neckline. I thought it was sexy and chic at the same time. Something that only Eva can pull off!  473357558-620x930

Miranda Kerr is already beautiful wearing any type of clothing, however, with this hot pink dress she looked even more perfect.


Julianne Moore couldn’t have made a better choice with this marvelous velvet and leather Givenchy. As the color of the dress, I don’t need to further say anything else, right?!  AMAZING!

What did you think ladies? Which was your favorite?

20 May 2015

Since last year, we have been talking a lot about the monochromatic! We even did an episode of The Hits which was one of the coolest themes. Entering Fall 2015 in Brazil (winter in the USA), a tone is protruding out as the color of the moment in total one color looks:  the red!

The color of blood, passion and the symbol of the sensual, red is the tone of the moment. During SPFW, Camila striked out in an a very chic all Animale tailoring look.

das_passarelas_para-as-ruas_vermelho_01On the runways, we see this option of tailoring with total force on different brands. The style can be worn without a shirt underneath for those who are more daring, or with turtle necks for those like me who to prefer to hid rather than show.


But don’t worry if you don’t wear suits! The color of love appears in skirts, jackets, coats and dresses. The secret is to combine different pieces in the same color. A task that seems easy, but at the time it is risky because the color is very strong!! In the pictures below, the black accessories have neutralized the ensembles.


Options with maxi dresses have been seen recently on the runways. Will this trend be seen in street style?


Kendal Jenner e Heidi Klum opted for suits in the same tone as did Camila –  to go out on the streets decked out in this trend.


Will you dare to rock out a total red look? haha

XoXo, Alice


19 May 2015

Hi loves!

There is a new video up on my English channel! Today’s video is a super easy tutorial of how I curl my short hair using the Nume wand. I really hope you like it!


What did you think?!

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