29 March 2019

Look of the Day: Floral for Giambatista Valli Show

I have always loved a mix of prints and today’s look I put together a super romantic mix (which I love) – a floral exploration! To watch the Giambatista Valli’s show, I chose a flowy smock-cover top with a pair of pants in micro floral with pink background. I finalized with nude sandals and a…

27 March 2019


My loves! Today’s video on my English channel is another Vlog for you guys! I’m all about the Vlogs these past weeks, hahaha! This time I take you guys with me to Vietnam. It was my first time there and all I can say is that I cannot wait to go back! What an incredible,…

26 March 2019


Patagonia is a consuming dream for many people, especially those who love travel adventure. Is trekking for you? If so, know that this region occupies an immense area that encompasses both southern Argentina and Chile. It has unbeatable natural beauty and has dozens of trails leading to lakes formed by the melting water of the snowy…

25 March 2019

Fashion Trend: Defined Waist

From winter to summer this is sure to be one of my favorite styling tricks and the best thing is that it never goes out of style! Easy and fun to put into practice it can be reproduced regardless of your style, commitment or mood of the day and best of all is that it…

22 March 2019

Fashion Trend: Victorian Style Shirts

And before the season changes again I already want to start giving lots of tips of more winter trends, so that you can be prepared to strikeout the look of the day like never before. Haha! Beginning with the Victorian shirt, it is inspired by the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria commanded England in 1837….

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