Hi ladies,

One of the most useful items to leave the makeup beautiful is the mascara, I can’t say enough about this. There is no point in doing a super elaborate eye makeup and not concentrate on the mascara. The mascara is what makes the contour of the eyes look beautiful and help highlight the makeup. I have set aside different makeup options but all of them have mega eyelashes, take a look:

No matter the style of makeup, eyelashes, when they are well done it finalize a makeup. The trick that I use it to apply the mascara several times to create layers. Make sure to give it time in between each application in order for each layer to dry well. This way, the eyelashes will be super dark and with a STUNNING appearance! Currently I have been using the new Avon mascara called Mega Eyelashes, it is awesome because it does not clump up and it is waterproof.

Did you ladies like the inspirations?!