Hi ladies,

Taking Care of the mind, the health and the body are essential rules that I practice in my life, I love me some exercise and eat well whenever I can. This combination not only makes me feel good physically, but also “internally”, I like everything working well with my body.  As I know that many of you, like me, live in the rush of day to day and are not always able to do everything that was planned, it is always good to give tips when it comes to staying healthy, right?!

In my case, the lack of routine gets in the way of the functionallity of my body. It is not only the good form that is impaired, the skin, the hair and the humor, also suffer. For this reason, I am eating these Livina fibers gummies, are you familiar?

They have soluble fibers, which are difficult to be found in food and help the intestine to function better. I chew two gummies per day (which are 70% of the necessity of soluble fibers of our body) and I am already feeling a big difference, it even helps me to satisfy the hunger and control the desire to eat sweets, which is great! (Haha) it comes in two flavors: tangerine and plum.

I am trying them out and loving it because in addition to being super tasty, they do not need to be dissolved in water or be kept in the refrigerator. The gummies are packed in single packaging and can be consumed at anytime, so I always leave some in my purse and take them with me anywhere.

What did you think, ladies?!