Carnaval is right around the corner, and if you haven’t decided your makeup, don’t stress because we have Katy Perry as inspiration.  The most colorful pop diva has amazing ideas of beautiful glitter looks, stunning options for you to inspire yourselves.

 photo katy-perry-makeup-01_zpsf8d37f55.jpg

The white liner is such a charm. The trick is to wear it on top of the regular black liner, like Katy did on this makeup. It looks amazing!

 photo katy-perry-makeup-03_zps5d27af38.jpg

 photo katy-perry-makeup-04_zps9bd0aa4a.jpg

If in doubt, create a brown and add a vibrant colorful liner, you can even add some glitter on top. It is a simple and efficient way to add fun in for Carnaval makeup without running the risk of having the eye smudged during the madness. It looks clean and fun at the same time!

 photo katy-perry-makeup-05_zpsb9af8472.jpg

Another cool and simple tip is to choose false eyelashes with appliqués  and keep the rest of the makeup light. This one from Katy has only opaque brown. The focus is on eyelashes with crystal appliqués! Make sure to glue it on well so it doesn’t fall off, haha!

 photo katy-perry-makeup-06_zps0d4af674.jpg

The colorful smokey is a classic for Carnaval. For this one, she mixed blue/violet on the outer corner of the eyes with lime green on the inner corner. So daring!

 photo katy-perry-makeup-09_zpsf0cb19f2.jpg

So much love for the California Girls video.   We can see she has on pink with lots of glitter on her eyelids, with black and sot brown outline. In addition, brown along the eyelashes. A pearly white pencil along the water line.  This makeup is also cool because it has a low chance of melting off during the heat.

 photo katy-perry-makeup-08_zps97aa7f57.jpg

 photo katy-perry-makeup-07_zpsf1916e33.jpg

Finally, the cool and different makeup of the Dark Horse video. To create the Egyptian look,  youtube has several tutorials. It is well worth it to check it out for those who are inspired to create a more daring and elaborate makeup.

So are you girls excited for Carnaval? Tell me everything and which makeup you are leaning toward!