Hi ladies,

What I like the most in the fashion world is its turnover, despite the designers and fashionistas are always bringing news, many pieces that we wore in the past, and that some time ago we felt as if they were tacky, ends up being resurfaced. As is the case of jeans shirts, jeans on jeans, cropped, among others, and now, what was famous in the 90’s, tattoo chokers.  I’m sure that this accessory will divide opinions, I must admit that when I started to see some fashionistas wearing them I was not impressed, but now I’m beginning to sympathize with it haha.

The item that has already been listed as one of the most bizarre that has already been used in the past, has conquered the hearts of stylish that adapted to the boho/hipster trend, and is often combined with a shorter or longer necklace. I separated a few inspirations that I found over the internet to give you an idea, and let me know if you are going to join this trend or not. Lets check it out:

So, what did you think? Yes or No?