Hi loves!

Valentine’s Day (in Brasil) is around the corner and I loveee it! Whether it is a dinner, a trip, or even at home, it is always so good to enjoy a time well spent with our better half, right?! It is even better when we get that gift that we want  so much, after all, who here doesn’t like to receive gifts? haha.

[Photo credit:#aliceferraz @ferrazmoda]

Therefore, today I am suuuper happy to be able to present you my new collection for Le Postiche. It was great being able to create this collection, I did everything with sooooo much love, I thought of every detail to achieve that style of handbags that we love so much, there is even backpacks with studs – a piece that is super IN this season. I really hope you like it, and for the boyfriends who are on the lookout for a good gift, these purses are perfect to give your loved ones. I am sure that she will love it! Take a look:


What did you think, ladies?!

Unfortunately Le Postiche products are only sold in Brazil.