Hi loves!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, a great day to enjoy our loved one make every minute count. Of course, we have to be dressed really nice and beautiful on that special day, right?! haha. For this reason, I have separated a few looks for you inspire yourselves, after all, our loves deserve the best.

Since I know everyone celebrates this date differently and in your own way, I chose various looks to wear to different places. I hope you like it!

It is common on this day  to go out and enjoy the evening for a romantic dinner, at the couple’s favorite restaurant. Moreover, for this occasion, there is nothing better than more elegant ensembles, but at the same time stylish and especially comfortable.


This look which I have already worn is a great inspiration for a dinner. A shorter dress with a low neckline, super sexy and romantic at the same time.

cinemaAnother great idea is to go to the movies, which also asks for a more comfortable look, but it is important to remember that comfort and style can go together. A tip is to wear High Low looks, doing a mix of more common pieces, such as jeans and t-shirt, and finish with a high heels.


This lady like style of mine with a round skirt, blouse and jacket is a beautiful and great inspiration for the movies.


Since the celebration does not need to be only at night, I separated a few looks you can wear during the day. Looser shorts and round skirts are great because it gives that touch of “I am well dressed, but not to the extreme” haha. Tip: Invest in flats or flat sandals, leave the high heels for the night time.


Rompers are also a great option to wear during the day, this floral and super romantic one that I am wearing is a perfect option.

What did you think, ladies?!

I want to know where you are going to celebrate!