My very first eye Primer was by the brand Urban Decay. I remember that I got to the store all lost, without knowing exactly what to buy, because after all, there were so many different brands – But one thing I knew, that whichever one I got, it had to be one that made the eyeshadow stick to my eyelids (haha).  I’m sure that it must have already happened to you at some point to look for a certain type of product – totally normal! The positive point is that the market today offers us sooooo many different options for all types of product of various qualities and for all budgets! What we should do when we are in doubt is to go in stores where they have beauty experts that will help you choose the right product for you!

With that being said, the Primer I used for many years was the Primer Potion by Urban Decay! Today they send me all the new releases (At that time I never dreamed that this could happen haha) and the last box that they sent me came with a kit of all the primer Potions – I immediately recalled that moment when I went on a hunt for one! That’s what motivated me to do this review for you, since these Primers are great and there are many options.

Ok, the product is good but it has 5 different colors – which would be the ideal/best one for me, Camila?! Many brands do this – after a product becomes a demand they create other colors/finishes, even for those who love to buy all of them (haha). But let’s get something straight, buying all of them is not necessary, right?!
Therefore, today’s review I’m going to show the difference in each one of them, and of course, revealing the one I like the most – my go-t0! Check it out below.

ORIGINAL – It is really very Original! haha Neutral, however the coverage is a little transparent, lighter – which I don’t really like, but there are people who love it! Gives the impression that you did not apply anything, you know?!  For certain makeup this is great!

primer potion ORIGINAL

MINOR SIN – My first eyeshadow primer from UD was the old version of this color. I believe that the name was only SIN, but the color is practically the same. I’ve used it for years and loved it. A champagne tone with a slight shimmer. Ideal to use with glitter shadows on top. It is beautiful but today I see that it is not versatile as some others.

primer potion MINOR SIN

EDEN – My favorite!!! I have been using it on almost all of my makeups. The super nude tone with no shine, highlights the eyeshadow and doesn’t interfere with the color. In my opinion, this one is the most perfect one and my go-to! #recommended (especially for those who only want to purchase 1 primer)

primer potion EDEN URBAN DECAY

ENIGMA – Another one of my favorites, which I use a lot! It is nude but with a pinkish undertone. Enigma works best with darker tone skins. It is also very versatile and you can use it with any eyeshadow!

primer potion ENIGMA URBAN DECAY

ANTI-AGING – Achei I think this was an incredible creation of primer with the “anti-wrinkle” effect. This one I would recommend to those who feel that the skin is already a bit more mature. It gives a certain firmness which is great! A very light finish as the Original one.


My FAVORITES are EDEN and ENIGMA, for its color and high pigmentation, however I must say that they have fixation effect!

primer potion 2

What did you think of the review?!

Minor Sin