Hi ladies!

Despite making many tutorials here and always testing several different products to show you, I decided to gather my 10 favorite beauty products in just one post, what do you think? I separated only those that I love at the moment and that I can’t live without, all of these I take everywhere I go.  Ready?!  Haha

Starting with my favorite for yearssss and certainly my TOP 1 from the list: Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars, despite having already tested many really good concealers in the market, this is certainly my favorite, the coverage is great, easy to apply, dries and lasts well into the skin. I wouldn’t change it for anything, I have not found another that makes me want to give this one up! Haha


I recently I did a review here on the blog for all Urban Decay primers, but EDEN is certainly my go-to! In addition to holding the eyeshadow for hours, it potentiates the color, I also love it that its nude, which is super versatile and I am able to use it before applying any makeup. LOVEEE IT.


Another product that does not leave my purse is the Liquid Lipstick by Natura Aquarela, I am totally addicted to the color Boca 06. Whenever I wear it, you girls always ask me which lipstick I am wearing! Haha the color is a pinkish nude which also looks great when I mix it with other lipsticks.


The Sheer Glow by Nars is my favorite foundation when I want my skin glowing. It has great coverage and looks great in pictures!


The Fast Play lipstick by MAC is my all time go-to. It has a brownish color with a pink undertone which gives that special touch to the makeup. It leave the lips bigger/plumper, but very natural (I love it!).  I usually apply it with my finger, because it leaves the color more delicate!


Another product from Brazil that is on my list of favorites – the iluminador Marmorizado by Natura Aquarela (highlighter), I have done a post about it here on the blog. It gives a BEAUTIFUL finish and a spectacular glow!


I am passionate about bronzers and I can’t live without them, but the HOOLA by Benefit is certainty my favorite, because it is not very dark and has a matte finish! With this bronzer I can do all my contours!


I have been using the Ultra Alongadora Natura Una mascara. It has a thinner applicator which leaves my eyelashes superrr long with sooo much volume on the first application. My trick is to let it dry a little and then apply another coat, it looks BEAUTIFUL! I love applying it to the lower eyelashes.


This is not makeup, but it is AMAZING! Haha. There is no way I could leave the Lait-Creme de Embryolisse off my list of favorites. My all time favorite moisturizer. I apply it every day before my makeup and it leaves my skin super hydrated and soft.


I love thermal water because it prepares your skin for makeup, helps in setting the makeup, makes the skin more hydrated and helps to close the pores.  The Beauty Elixir by Caudalie is my favorite, and I have been using it for a long time. It is the one that I find the most effective and it has a delicious smell.

I love several other products, but these are my all time life favorites! Haha

I hope you liked it.