Hi loves!

You all know that I am a super fan of all the creams and products that help us look even more beautiful, right?!  Haha. But there is no better way – and cheaper – to take care of ourselves using some homemade tricks, and today I am here to share with you what I usually use when I have some extra time. Take a look:

1- WASH YOUR FACE WITH COLD WATER: Many may feel that washing your face with cold water does not make a difference, but believe me, IT DOES, AND A LOT! The cold water keeps the skin hydrated, prevents wrinkles and takes away swelling. So girls, avoid using hot water, it will only harm the skin. Usually before showering, I take off my makeup with some make-up remover and wash my face with face wash in the sink! It makes a big difference!

2- NATURAL CURLS: I LOVE curling my hair and I love the waves that it gives me, but whenever I use a curling wand it always dries out my hair a lot, therefore, a a simple trick that I use whenever I don’t want to use heat on my hair is: immediately after drying with the dryer, or when the hair is a little damp, I make a looser bun, and I leave it up until it’s time to leave the house. When I let my hair down, it comes out sooo cute and it almost looks like I curled it with a heat tool. It’s worth a try!


3- ICE TO RELIEF SWELLING/PUFFINESS OF THE FACE: I always wake up with my face super swollen, especially when I’m very tired or slept too much. The trick to relief some of the puffiness is making to create a homemade “ice pack”, I wrap the ice in a towel and leave it on top of my face for about 5-10 minutes in the morning. When I don’t have ice, I grab a soda can from the hotel’s minibar (hahaha) and place it on the areas around my eyes. It workssss!


4- CUCUMBER TO MOISTURIZE THE SKIN: Another AWESOME tip to moisturize the skin and get rid of the swelling, is to blend cucumber with 1 tablespoon of iced water and apply on a clean face. I usually apply with a foundation brush and then I get two cotton balls and swab it on the mixture to apply to my eyes and I leave it on for about 10 minutes. The skin then feels brand new!!!


5- HOMEMADE EXFOLIATOR: A mixture of Lemon juice with sugar. It’s great to prevent acne and it leaves the skin super smooth with a delicious smell!


6- REST: Finally, there is no better homemade recipe than sleeping well! It is not often that I can, especially when I’m traveling, however, when I a home I prioritize my sleep. Sleeping well leaves you well, more prepared, and it does wonders to the skin. Did you know that when you don’t sleep well or your skin matures and creates more wrinkles faster?! Therefore, make an effort to SLEEP! Haha

How about you? What are some of your homemade tricks that you love?!