I receive so many comments from you asking for ideas of  hairstyles for those who have shorter hair, so I decided to create a post with 5 different ideas for those who don’t want to always keep styling their hair the same way. Moreover, I wanted to eliminate the myth that people with short hair don’t have as many options when it comes to styling.

Starting with the curling irons/wands, which is an option for all hair lengths!  It has the power to completely change any production. For those who have a long bob, it looks even better!  My tip is to not curl very precisely but to leave it wavy like “I woke up like this” haha. The thicker the wand/curler the nicer the waves come out.

ideias de penteados cabelo curto camila coelho 2

The side braid makes gives the hairstyle such a delicate and romantic touch. In addition, it is suuuper easy to do.  Always Start from the front and work your way to the end of the head. For those who are more experienced with braids, the fishtail looks INCREDIBLE!

ideias de penteados cabelo curto camila coelho3

Half up in style: another super easy hairdo that makes all the difference. However to look even better, the cool this is to style it in different ways like the pictures above: a twirl, with a braid or even put it up with a mini bun.  For special occasions and a touch of charm, add a detailed hair clip with this hairdo.

ideias de penteados cabelo curto camila coelho4

For those who have even SHORTER hair, these two inspirations are great, but different from each other. The first one I think is super stylish (if I had courage to, I would definitely try out this haircut haha) and the second is super romantic, the side twist looks super cute.

ideias de penteados cabelo curto camila coelho5

To finish off, I chose these two options. The first one, many it-girls and bloggers have been sporting, and it became known as: Half up top Knot – which is nothing more than a medium bun on top of the head. Not only does it look super stylish, it is great for bad hair days and it’s still possible to do it in 5 seconds, right?!  The second option is to use headbands or scarves in different ways, but always with a knot in the middle to leave it even more charming.

What did you think of the ideas girls? I wanna see all you short hair ladies rocking these styles! haha!