In today’s post I’m going to talk about a celebrity that is becoming more and more stylish: Selena Gomez. The singer is one of the celebrities who has the most followers on social networks and has increasingly conquered fans around the world – I’m surely one of them haha. Her style completely changed in recent years and I am loving all of her looks. Whether it’s on the red carpet or day to day looks, Selena strikes out with super cool choices and, in my opinion, she is becoming prettier by the day and transforming into a powerful woman, don’t you think?

Her style is super eclectic but her choices are always focused on a boho chic style – that I loveeee – on the red carpet, Selena never fails, always classic yet sexy and elegant at the same time.

estilo de famosa selena gomez camila coelho

As for makeup, she always goes for a smokey and lots of mascara or lashes! Her hairstyles are always on point as well, whether her hair is pin straight or something more elaborate and sophisticated.

estilo de famosa selena gomez camila coelho2

How about you, do you like Selena’s style?!