Denim has never been so present in outfits with such different styles.  A few years ago this fabric was only used for more informal occasions, however today’s fashion allows us to play with textures and overlays, and blue jeans is most desired when creating a look with style.

Whether its a jacket, pants, blouse or top; what really matters is knowing how to match and create a mix with certain pieces.  Why not wear denim to a more formal event? Mixing a denim shirt with a Midi skirt? I love creating this type of hi-low and this is a great style trick for when we want to change up our looks and leave the basics aside, don’t you think?!

acessorios jeans no look do dia tendencia camila coelho coach looks

Denim accessories has also become a main focus in fashion. Inspired on this trend, Coach created a beautiful collection of denim handbags, which was launched in Brazil this month of June!

With them, it’s possible to give a special touch to your day-to-day looks and the cool thing about it is that styles are functional and super stylish.  The handbags come with silhouettes already known by the brand and that I love and wear so much, such as: Mercer, swagger and Mini Backpack, however with blue jeans as the protagonist. The best thing is that there is a style for all tastes: it’s also possible to find them in patchwork, smooth/plain denim fabric and even mixed with different fabrics.

acessorios jeans no look do dia tendencia camila coelho coach looks bolsas2

I am absolutely in love, especially with the backpacks!

Which one is your favorite?