I am super happy that I partnered up with Lancôme this year, after all, it’s a brand that I admire so much. Since my mom has always used their products, my love for it started when I was little so you can image my excitement to be working with this incredible brand, right?!  I can only be grateful!

Last week I had an event in NY to launch a new product called Glow Subtil, a creamy highlighter that is great to use now in the summer, so I took the opportunity and did a Meet and Greet! I was super happy to meet several readers from Brazil, the US and other places in the world. The event was super fun, I took a lot of selfies and it was great to see everyone! I am thinking of doing another meet and greet at another Sephora around the world, I have even asked you guys suggestions of where I should do it so leave me comments below on where you think I should do it!

To go to the event, I wore a super feminine look with light colors. I chose a white mini skirting a rose quartz super modern peplum style blazer with butterfly prints. I finalized with nude sandals to elongate my silhouette and a metallic mini purse. My makeup was super neutral with a nude lipstick and highlighted skin with Lancôme’s Glow Subtil. Check out below how beautiful it looks!

Look Evento Lancome:Sephora em NY camila coelho

Look Evento Lancome:Sephora em NY camila coelho2

Look Evento Lancome:Sephora em NY camila coelho3

Look Evento Lancome:Sephora em NY camila coelho4

Look Evento Lancome:Sephora em NY camila coelho5

Look: OlympiahPurse: DiorSandals: Carolina HerreraRings: Sarah Fischer