My loves!

I am super excited to be here in Rio de Janeiro, and this time I came to the city to watch the Olympics up close. I am following the events and will be here until it ends.

The season here is winter  although the weather is super hot. Therefore, for the first day, I chose a white and blue stripe slip dress in Midi length with a plain white t-shirt underneath it to create and overlay and leave the look a bit more casual and comfortable. I finalized with white square heel sandals and an orange purse for a touch of color.

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho2

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho3

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho4

Dress: Sam&Lavi | Purse: Gucci | Sunnies: RayBan
I stopped by the Granado store inside of the Hyatt Hotel, which is a big hit now during the Olympics – the foreigners are loving the brand! Granado is amazing, they have the most delicious scents! Along with the soaps, they also have a nail polish line, which I loveee! I made sure to check out the new colors that have just launched from the “Melindrosas” collection! I must confess I am in love! haha Check them out:

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho5

I also got to watch the women’s volleyball game – Brasil vs. Russia! What an incredible experience, I absolutely love volleyball and the Brazilian girls are nailing it! I can sense a gold medal coming up, don’t you think?! We beat Russia 3-0! Yayyyy!!

#Rio2016 - Look e Volei feminino camila coelho6

What did you think of my first day?