One of the things I love most in the fashion world is its turnover and the freedom we have in playing with the trends that appear and reappear constantly in streetstyle, this is the case with the new hit among fashionistas and that is already being seen in many looks around the world: plastic. The transparent material was a fever in the 90s, it appeared in the early 2000s and it seems like it came back with everything now in 2018 and is being seen in accessories, handbags, clothing and especially in shoes.

The trend, although not really a novelty, is something that has the power to give a fun touch to the look without effort and helps us to get out of the daily routine. Moreover, the coolest thing is that we can take advantage of the transparency of the material and play with overlays, such as putting a different sock under the shoe, wear not so obvious accessories and seize the plastic to match basic pieces and give an OOMPH to an ensemble that could have been super basic. Check out a few beautiful looks that I found on the internet and that will inspire you to bet on this trend as well:

fun trend plastico camila coelho conteudo

And of course I had to join the fun and I’m already enjoying putting together looks using this trend. Haha!

fun trend plastico camila coelho conteudo2

So what do you think? Tell me on the comments below if you are going to get into this wave and bet on plastic accessories!