Pantacourt pants have become successful in the fashion world for a while now and it seems that the beloved fashionista piece will continue to be on the rise for a long time, and with the arrival of summer (in Brazil) it will continue a success and can be the protagonist of fresh and super stylish looks.

The style is fashionable, super-cool and allows several basic ensembles yet still very cool. The tip is to bet on light pieces to match and cast the right accessories to compose the look. Check out a few beautiful looks I found on the internet to inspire you:

Pantacourt no Verão camila coelho

Photos: Giovanna Ferrarezi/Mariana Andrade

Summer is synonymous with cheerful days and “good vibes”, so a good tip to put together an outfit wearing a pair of Pantacourt is to bet on ensembles with vibrant colors and comfortable shoes.

Pantacourt no Verão camila coelho2

Photos: Internet

The cool thing about these pants is that it fits well with any garment and it is possible to create looks for the most different styles and occasions. In the summer, the lighter the fabric of the chosen pieces, the better and more comfortable the outfit will be.

Pantacourt no Verão camila coelho3

From the beach to a night occasion. Versatility is the key word for the pantacourt. I love the fact that this style of pants is high waisted and it accentuates that region, leaving our bodies more shaped and beautiful.

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