Hot days are still present in Brazil and many of you ask me what are the best tricks to keep your skin and makeup beautiful without melting in this 50c degree heat! Haha. , Therefore, for today’s post I’ve separated 4 incredible (and unbeatable) tips that will make a total difference in this mission of having  flawless makeup in the summer. Ready?Check it out:

Skin Prep 

Just as with all seasons the preparation of the skin to receive makeup is of extreme importance, especially on hot days. So always remember to clean your skin thoroughly with a soap and special toner for your skin type and moisturize it. Another cool tip for decreasing the appearance of pores and even leaving the skin even more ready to receive the foundation, is to make an ice compress for a few seconds: the high temperature of the ice helps close the pores and keep the skin smoother and soft, not to mention that it will help give that refreshed in the heat!

Don’t forget the Powder

Powder is one of the most important products to hold the make up in hot weather. Bet on your favorite translucent powder and apply to the oily regions of your skin. I like to do the famous “baking” with a damp sponge, applying enough powder and letting it “sit” for a few minutes. With a big brush i take away all the powder and voilà! Matte skin and ready to hold the makeup.

Primer on the Eyes  

Before applying the eyeshadow,don’t forget to apply primer for the eyes, this is a fundamental product to ensure that your smokey does not melt and also it will leave the color of the shadow more prominently.

Fixador de Maquiagem

If even after all these steps above you still want to make sure that the makeup does not come off, apply a setting spray finalize. This type of product has particles that help to fix for a longer time.

What did you think of the tips? Let me know on the comments below what are your tricks to leave the makeup impeccable in warm weather.