From winter to summer this is sure to be one of my favorite styling tricks and the best thing is that it never goes out of style! Easy and fun to put into practice it can be reproduced regardless of your style, commitment or mood of the day and best of all is that it helps to define and lengthen the silhouette, regardless of your body type. The ways to reproduce are numerous and in today’s post I came to give some easy tips on how to put into practice with pieces that you have at home.

Start with the high waist pieces, they will make the silhouette much more defined and always give the impression that you are taller. If you want to risk with a more different and striking accessory, bet on belts. You can use them to define a looser dress or blouse, or even to highlight the pieces of high waist and give a finishing touch in the ensemble.

Fashion Trendy- Cintura Marcada camila coelho

If your style is more casual and laid back, why not reproduce the trend with a blouse tied around the waist? This trick will definitely ensure you more style and leave the look even more cool in the blink of an eye. Look at some outfits that I have already worn marking my waist:

vFashion Trendy- Cintura Marcada camila coelho

What did you think of these tips?!