One of my favorite moments of the day is the time of skin care, after all there is no makeup that makes the skin beautiful if we do not take care of it daily, right?! And to give an UP in these moments of my beauty, I’ve been using FOREO LUNA 2 (for a long time, I always show it in my insta stories) that is my dearest of life! It has been making a lot of difference in my skin, besides cleaning deep pores, helps the texture of the skin, and gives a wonderful glow!

The reason it’s so dear to so many is that it has an enhanced T-Sonic™ pulse facial cleansing and anti-aging system designed to diminish the appearance of imperfections while preventing problems associated with aging skin. I always use mine in the morning and night after taking off the makeup, with a facial cleanser and the best is that it is waterproof making it easy to use while showering.

LUNA 2 gently cleanses the skin of the face for 1 minute, it pulses to signal the time to change the region of the face. After cleansing, I activate Anti-Aging mode and apply to wrinkle prone areas for 1 minute. I already feel a huge difference right after using it, not to mention that it is super relaxing. I love it! After all, we deserve this moment every day, after our running routine, don’t you think?