Yeah! And when we least expect it, look who is entering the fashion scene again: the flats! For a long time we wore these shoes that were part of many comfortable looks and after the invasion of the sneakers, we ended up leaving them aside. But apparently the flats are back, but will it be a hit?

Ballerina-inspired footwear is an elegant and comfortable alternative to heels, and the fashionistas on duty have already put the footwear into practice with super-current looks and full of personality. Check it out:

A volta das Sapatilhas camila coelho

As expected the classic “round tips” are the most worn, after all, they are more comfortable and guarantee an ultra feminine look. It seems that they are coming in different colors and this is going to be the take back time, it is worth daring on different shades and let the flats be the color point that your look needed! Or create a colorblocking that never fails. For those who still do not want to risk in striking tones, it is worth to bet on the bicolor, inspired by Chanel, who also does not miss out on this trend, this model is classic and leaves the ensemble super chic.

A volta das Sapatilhas camila coelho

The pointed toe ones are perfect for an office look or for those more formal occasions, on days when we’re not willing to wear high heels. The cool thing about pointed toe is that it lengthens the silhouette and still gives a touch of sobriety to the look.

What did you guys think, my loves?! Is this a style of shoes you will invest in?