So often it’s the little details that take an outfit from good to great—the simple addition of a necklace or  a belt can transform your entire look. One of the easiest styling tricks that adds instant interest to your outfit is knotting your t-shirt. It allows you to tie it up into a cropped top, define your waist, or show off other details of your outfit, like a button fly on your jeans or belt buckle. There are three ways to knot your basic t-shirt that are not only easy to do, but give you the most modern look. Below is a step-by-step guide for each knotting method to upgrade all of your future outfits, along with a video tutorial to also give you a visual guide.

3 Cool Ways to Tie Your Basic T-Shirt Camila Coelho

#1: Grab the bottom sides of your t-shirt, cross them, and then twist. Then just tuck the ends underneath the bottom of the tee for an easy cropped effect.

#2: Fold your t-shirt under to the length you desire, then really twist all of the fabric in the back. Pull the fabric up the back of the t-shirt and tuck the twist into your bra to secure it.

#3: Take the bottom of your t-shirt on one side, knot it and then squeeze to tighten it. Finally, create a second knot and then tuck in the ends for a clean finish.

Which knot method is your favorite?