Nothing like enjoying a nice day with the one we love, right? June is Valentine’s month in Brazil and so we were inspired to share couples (and ex-couples too, lol), who lavished fashionism when matching their looks. And of course, we want to know what you think about this fashion.

(Photo: Vogue)

(Photo: David Beckham)

Matching looks since 1999, designer Victoria Beckham and former soccer player David Beckham reinforce that love has evolved along with the choice of pieces. If before they used to bet on complete and extravagant outfits, today they already opt for specific pieces to match. For over 20 years thinking about how to coordinate the pieces, not every couple is up for it, right?

(Photo: Emily Ratajkowski)

For more discreet couples, how about just one matching piece? That’s how model Emily Ratajkowski went out with her boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McClard, with a very warm coat, ideal for winter, by the brand Ienki Ienki.

(Photos: Grosby)

For party looks or day-to-day looks, artists Jay-Z and Beyoncé nail the outfits and the harmony of them, which are usually from colors that match with different pieces for each, but that complement each other and are timeless. White blazer and tube dress are already in the reference folder for the next party with the “lovebug”.

(Photos: Grosby)

Controversial and trendsetters, the now ex-couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, were always seen together with coordinated outfits, each with their own style and with matching details from one look to the other.

So, is it hot or not? Who felt like matching looks with their partner? Haha