Ahhh, how I wish it was summer all year long, haha! The heat reminds me of swimming in the sea, lots of sun and of course, colorful and cheerful looks. The last pieces Camila Coelho Collection pieces reflect well what I want to say and feel about the summer.

With that in mind, I decided to wear the Rosie Mini Dress, which is a unique piece full of details, such as the ruched effect on the front and the shoulder straps that form delicate bows. Besides, this dress hugs the body very well and is super comfortable.

The look as a whole is delicate and feminine, right? The lilac shade of the dress, the white accessories… Oh, modesty aside, I loved every detail. I opted to pin my hair up and chose a pair of shoes and bag in off white shades, so that the highlight would be the dress.

You know I love monochrome details, so check out the color of the nail polish matching the color of the shoes and the bag. What do you think? Fall is right around the corner, but there is still time to enjoy the summer pieces, so keep an eye out for more looks in this mood.

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Tell me in the comments: which detail of this look caught your attention the most?