Who has been looking forward to a new collection? The new Camila Coelho Collection pieces arrive in the mood we love the most: the end of the year, parties and the best thing: without leaving comfort aside! The November collection presents versatile, stylish pieces for different occasions.

Partying moments, going out with friends and going for a walk are slowly returning, and nothing better than doing this wearing looks that you love and identify with, right? The color palette and the modern modeling of the pieces seek to meet different tastes and styles, always carrying numerous details and unique trims. 

Adalyn Tank

Adriana Bodysuit

The Adalyn Tank in Brown is a versatile mock neck cropped in brown elastic mesh, as it can be paired with classic pieces, such as tailored pants or even more casual pieces, such as jeans shorts or a skirt. The fit of the piece highlights the arms and shoulder design, ensuring that the look is feminine and sexy at the same time.

If you love satin, the Adriana Bodysuit will not leave your body, haha! This piece is elegant and rich in details, such as the puffy sleeve and the shoulder-to-shoulder with a comfortable fit. The combination of the fabric with this shade of blue, make this piece the famous “must have”, so no matter which other piece you wear with it, this bodysuit will always be the star of the look.

Shaelle Bodysuit

Jaelyn Pullover 

The Shaelle Bodysuit in Brick Mauve is a shoulder-to-shoulder bodysuit with a light frill and front cutouts that give another meaning to the garment. Not to mention the burnt pink tone, right? This is another piece that will be the highlight of the look you decide to assemble, as it carries a good dose of attitude and style. The dry fit close to the body and the punctual cutouts lightly draw the curves of the body.

Now, if you’re on the team that doesn’t like to feel hugged by the piece, the Jaelyn Pullover is right for you. With a fuzzy knit fabric, this jacket warms the body just right and has a lightweight fit.

Shauna Sweater

Patten Sweater

This collection was made for those who love not obvious cutouts in their pieces! The Shauna Sweater has an asymmetrical shoulder to shoulder and V-neck trim. In addition, the base of this piece has a dip on one side that shows the differential of this sweater, which can be worn with classic jeans, or why not a good leather skirt.

The Patten Sweater is a classic mustard yellow with a deep, wide V-neckline. Another rich detail of the piece is the overlapping fabric in the shoulder area. It’s not just a simple sweater, right?

Camila: Edna Top & Justina Mini Skirt | Ari: Katya Mini Dress

Calvin Pant & Calvin Crop Top

I told you we are back to partying, right? Therefore, the November collection already arrives with a taste of what the holidays will be: lots of glitter, attitude and of course… a good dose of style! Here you can not be afraid to dare, okay?

Camila is wearing the Edna Top and Justina Mini Skirt, pieces that can very well be worn together, but also equally well separated and ready to compose other looks. The shoulders of the top are padded, which gives more support to the region. The skirt, on the other hand, is fully lined and shapes the body in the right measure.

If you love the intense sparkle of sequins, but prefer a more discreet color, the Calvin Crop Top and Calvin Pants set is ideal for you! Both have a rear zipper closure. The top supports the bust region well and the pants have a looser fit.

Katya Mini Dress

Now, if you love a one-piece that has all the accents to it, the Katya Mini Dress is the ideal option for you! This one-shoulder dress is fully lined, with a padded sleeve in blouson style.

Nami Midi Dress

Roascoe Sweater & Cleobella Faux Fur Jacket

The Nami Midi Dress in Brick Mauve is a piece so rich in details that it is even difficult to choose which one calls the most attention. This pencil dress with draped sides is sexy and elegant at the same time. Made with knitted fabric, the garment is comfortable and can be worn on different occasions.

For colder days, wear the Roscoe Sweater and Cleobella Cropped Faux Fur Jacket – with fake fur and wide sleeves, but very warm and modern! Notice how the charm of the pieces in this collection is in the cut of the fabric? This sweater has a heavy turtleneck and a canoe cut on the bust. Très chic!

Titus Sweater & Titus Knit Pant

Yuri Leather Pants & Cesare Cropped Sweater

And for those who love the Black and White combo in cropped format, we have two options for this new collection. The Titus Sweater is a version with subtle cutouts on the bust and shoulders. A comfortable knit that matches with different pieces. The Cesare Cropped Sweater, on the other hand, has a foldable collar and blouson sleeves, which give the piece a more casual look.

There are many new features in Camila Coelho Collection, but I want to know: which pieces have already made it to your wishlist? All pieces are now available on Revolve.com