Jalapão is a raw treasure in the heart of Brazil. It has breathtaking natural landscapes full of blue waterfalls, incredible hot springs,dunes of unparalleled color, sandstone plateaus and many river beaches. But Jalapão covers a huge area of approximately 34,000 square kilometers in eastern Tocantins and to facilitate this adventure, a good option are the glamping tents (camping with glamour) of Korubo Expedições.

O Jalapão é um tesouro bruto no coração do Brasil.

Korubo is one of the pioneering companies in the spectacular Jalapão and will launch in May 2022, another camp in the region of Serras Gerais, in Almas. The cool thing is that you can opt for a 3 or 4 day adventure, which can be combined with other itineraries.

Jalapão Camila Coelho

The “essential” tour, for example, lasts 5 days, includes Palmas and the Korubo Safari Camp, and is perfect for exploring the Suçuapara Canyon, the Formiga and Velha waterfalls, some fervedouros (which are those crystalline water springs whose pressure does not allow you sink) and, of course, those beautiful dunes formed by golden-colored quartz sand, surrounded by plateaus, falls and lagoons. On the other hand, the “trail and beach” lasts 6 days and includes a trail to the plateau of the Espírito Santo Mountains, which is challenging and sensational. You have to wake up early, climb a steep trail and the gift of seeing daybreak at the top of the plateau is divine.

Jalapão Camila Coelho

But the big news is the Serras Gerais camp with access to the Pedra Furada waterfall, the Testemunho hill, and the Japonês lagoon.

Jalapão Camila Coelho

I already want to go back to Jalapão. One of the most impacting and wildest places in Brazil.

I wish you a wonderful week.