The cropped top is a trend that is definitely here to stay! The piece can compose from the summer look to a more casual production. Besides, with a good cropped top, you will be able to put together modern, timeless productions that accentuate your body.

Check out some inspiration below!

Cropped with a turtleneck and long sleeves in summer? Yes, it all depends on the choice of fabric. Usually crop tops have a lighter and more breathable fabric, so you can wear it with good old denim shorts from day to night.

For a more formal evening look, pay attention to the proportion of the pieces. In other words, combine a tighter cropped top with a looser, high-waisted bottom, such as wide leg pants. This way, the look is balanced and sexy.

Now, if you’re a fan of the combo: monochrome + set, your time to shine has come! Choose your favorite color and rock your outfit with a cropped top. The production becomes fun, versatile and not obvious.

Anyone who thinks the cropped is a recent piece in the wardrobe of fashionistas is wrong This piece appeared around the 30’s and 40’s – where it was worn with high-waisted midi skirts, in order to enhance the silhouette.

The heyday of the cropped was in the 1980s, where people wore the piece for exercise – including men, you know?

Now tell me, with which pieces do you love to wear with a cropped top?