Recently I had the pleasure of being on the cover of Miami Magazine, an amazing American magazine with the best tips on luxury, fashion, restaurants and much more about Miami. To celebrate this moment, we had a delicious lunch at Sadelle’s Coconut Grove, on a hot (almost) summer day, so I couldn’t help but put together a special look that suited the occasion, right?

For this, I chose green as the main color of the look and opted for a custom vintage shirt from slf luv society, all open and with a more deconstructed look. Despite being long-sleeved, it was super comfortable and light, so I didn’t get too hot and I was still able to show off my belly (which doesn’t stop growing!).

Besides, I couldn’t help but wear a piece from the Camila Coelho Collection, right? So I chose this white micro miniskirt, simple and sexy at the same time. To complete, a mini Fendi bag (that I wore the other day matching a larger size, who saw it?), with just the essentials, lol.

I think that gold accessories enhance even more my skin color, so I chose the ones from Aureum Collective for this day! And for the makeup, the classic combo that I love: well done skin, a beautiful nude lipstick and lots of gloss, plus false lashes and a touch of color (green, of course), just in the detail of the inner corner. What do you think?

Even during pregnancy, I can’t do without a good pair of heels – always keeping in mind comfort and safety, of course – so I chose this white pair, more open in the front, great for hot days too.

What a delight and honor to be part of this moment with the Miami Magazine team!

Tell me: what did you think of the choice of pieces for this look?