Nothing better than a good colorful look on a summer day, right? With that in mind, I recently chose a complete look (and yellow, which I love!) by Miu Miu.

Let’s start talking about the bag, which by itself already transforms any look! This Miu Wander hobo model is made of tactile quilted leather, which makes it sophisticated and unique. According to the couture house website, “Miu Wander represents a rediscovery and re-exploration of the Miu Miu codes through a new perspective. The details of this piece are unique!

To complete, nothing better than an outfit in a lighter shade of yellow, almost a pastel, both for the coat and the miniskirt. As you can see, the two pieces have punctual details with powerful gemstones, which brought even more sophistication and richness to the look.

Despite the jacket being more closed, it is super light and cool, so no heat lol. Also, I couldn’t help but show my almost 32 weeks belly, so I only wore it closed on the top and open on the belly area.

The miniskirt also gave a show in details and I love to wear this kind of piece, I think it makes the look super feminine and I find 0 uncomfortable for everyday life.

In addition to this whole ensemble in yellow tones, of course I chose to wear golden accessories, making this look even more monochromatic – which you know I really love, right? Not to mention that this color highlighted my tan even more, lol.

To break the fun side of the look a little, I chose a more “sober” and simple shoe, with a long black pointed toe and high heels, of course! I love that, despite being rich in details and full of gemstones, this look is super versatile and can be worn on different occasions: from the most formal day to day, or even for a more elaborate event.

And of course, I really want to know: what did you think of this ensemble? Of the looks I’ve been wearing during pregnancy, which have you liked the most so far?