Pink is making its triumphant return in 2022, hitting the runways, among the main it girls, and even in street style. This vibrant color was also widely used in the 2000s and expresses personality, showing that it can be worn alone in stunning monochromatic looks! 

As a matter of fact, fashion trends show that pink will predominate in practically every piece of clothing with different fabrics, ranging from party wear, sportswear, or even work wear.

In other words, you can use this striking color on different occasions! To inspire you, we’ve separated some looks worn by celebrities who used the tone in a more subtle or more daring way, in equally fashionable productions.

In the Summer

Photo:  @fetumas

With Pantyhose

Photo: @maisonvalentino

With Sequin – to sparkle and shine!

Photo: @maisonvalentino

The Complete Look (even the accessories!)

Photo:  @maisonvalentino

For that special wedding or graduation

Photo: @maisonvalentino

With a textured mini dress

Photo: @voguemagazine

What do you think of these monochromatic looks? Which one would you wear?