Fitness fashion has been gaining more space and has invaded the street style of fashionistas and people who follow a more comfortable style. Versatile, the gym pieces can gain a new meaning when combined with pieces and accessories of other styles, bringing information and practicality to the look. Check out some simple tricks below to wear your gym clothes in a unique way!

Photo: @jessicaflores

The classic gym top supports the bust region well and is usually a piece made with more neutral colors, in addition to being with or without straps. You can wear it with a set of printed (and/or colored) pants and shirt and the top will not “disappear” in the look, on the contrary, it ends up being the highlight of the ensemble.

Photo:  @joanacostar

Now, if you want this piece to be just a detail in the look, try to choose a similar color to the other pieces of the look, in a very monochromatic way. However, choose a simpler fabric for the top and play with the textures and trims of the other pieces, so the top will be more discreet in the production. 

Photo:  @dayanalangaro

Photo:  @joanacostar

If you want to bring a dose of style to your gym look, how about complementing the outfit with a good cropped puffer jacket? This piece is a wild card in the winter closet, especially in black, since it goes with different look proposals, whether they are more colorful or equally neutral. 

Photo: @fetumas

Photo:  @fetumas

And the gym/running shoes, huh? How about wearing these shoes to go to work, then take the opportunity to go to the gym? You can combine sneakers with more classic pieces, such as a shirt, flared pants and even throw a heavier coat on top! Sneakers will ensure comfort throughout the day and also a good dose of modernity and style to the look. 

Which gym piece would you wear with other pieces? And from the proposals we presented, which one did you like the most?