New York Fashion Week opened the 2023 winter season and that moment was even more special for me, as I didn’t attend the event for a year (due to pregnancy!). Of course, we had several different looks to honor each show and today I will share with you some details about each one.

Its winter in NY, so nothing better than practical yet stylish pieces, right? For the first look, I chose a long and classic Chloe denim coat, which is perfectly belted, but at the same time is casual. And since it was the highlight of the look, the pieces underneath are more basic and black, as well as the accessories. There’s no mistake, right?

Oh, and I also picked out a fun “plush” Bucket Hat from GCDS.

To honor the richness of LaQuan Smith I decided to shine! For that, nothing better than a sexy dress, rich in details and obviously: A LOT of sequin!

This piece features a high collar and long flowy sleeves – the classic point of the production. And to bring the spark, nothing better than these cutouts on the sides and the black miniskirt, with cutouts on the side and everything! What do you like most about this piece?

As you can see, I’m completely in love with looks where the highlight is all the denim! This time, I chose a solid, even denim wash, belted wide leg jeans and a jacket that almost resembles a blazer, with a low neckline and two buttons.

On top, a long white trench coat and on my feet a luxurious white pointed-toe boot, which I love! I always have to have a bag, so I chose this plush style to make the look fun.

And to finish off, a classic that I love: black with red, complete with a pair of gloves, leather mini dress and high heels! To complete the look, a powerful and breathtaking vinyl red trench coat, guaranteeing a perfect contrast with the mini dress. I loved this look and the makeup follows the same line: red lipstick + smoky eye = the perfect Match!

Which look for this NYFW season did you like the most? And what is your favorite piece among these productions?