27 May 2020

3 Cool Ways to Tie Your Basic T-Shirt

So often it’s the little details that take an outfit from good to great—the simple addition of a necklace or  a belt can transform your entire look. One of the easiest styling tricks that adds instant interest to your outfit is knotting your t-shirt. It allows you to tie it up into a cropped top,…

26 May 2020


That everything will pass we already know. Social isolation brought by the coronavirus has its days counted. It is just a matter of time, reflection, patience, faith, recovery … The good news is that Europe, which has suffered so much from the pandemic, is beginning to show signs of hope. The borders of European countries…

22 May 2020

5 Facial Tools That Actually Work

Facial tools get a lot of buzz claiming to solve a variety of different skin issues—some of which totally live up to the hype while others don’t seem to deliver much of a change. The latter always leaves you feeling disappointed when you’ve purchased a tool and use as recommended and still don’t see any…

20 May 2020

The Clean Skincare Edit: 5 Brands to Know

Clean beauty has become a hot topic in recent years, and for good reason—the beauty industry is minimally regulated in the United States and many skincare products contain ingredients that are known to be toxic for our health. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you do your own research on products and brands you’re…

19 May 2020


If, at this moment, we cannot go to dream destinations, the destinations can reach us through the TV screen. The possibilities are enormous. From America to Asia. Just choose where to go, click on the remote control, and behold, magical stories, with captivating characters, can be lived by the four corners of the world, in…

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