1 October 2019


This is a dense destination for which you must be very well prepared. India has the power to arouse strong emotions for some and a certain discomfort for others. A huge, overpopulated, chaotic, noisy, colorful, spiritual, spicy, strong-willed, almost scenographic country with a lot of history to tell. In the midst of this established chaos,…

30 September 2019

Vitamin C Serums: The Key to Glowing Skin

Vitamin C serums are super buzzy right now in the beauty industry and on social media, but what are they really? And what are they used for? Every beauty industry expert will tell you they’re the key to glowing skin, but why? Let’s break it down. When applied to the skin, vitamin C brightens dull…

27 September 2019

The Print of the Moment: Zebra

And this time it’s not the fashionistas’ favorite, the leopard, that we’re going to talk about. The print of the moment is zebra, and I know that we will have many opinions against and in favor of this trend. I, as always, am part of the team that loves to try everything that brings me…

26 September 2019

Luxe Leather: Fall’s Favorite Fabric

If there’s one fabric that instantly puts you in an autumn mood, it’s leather. It not only makes you feel ready for cooler temperatures, but it looks ultra-luxe while doing so. Leather is the rich texture that elevates every outfit and adds interest to anything you pair with it. Fall 2019 is all about leather…

25 September 2019

From the Runway to StreetStyle: Neutral Shades

Even with the invasion of vibrant shades, believe me, neutrals are still indispensable in the sophisticated wardrobe. That’s because there is a versatility in how to match them to the various occasions of everyday life, bringing that comfort that you’ll always be “elegant” no matter where you are. In recent seasons, the runways and streets…

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