Obsessed with their natural appearance and adept at using few (but better!) products in their beauty routine, Generation Z – born between 1995 and 2010 – values well-being, showing a new way of investing in and consuming beauty, betting on concepts such as self-care, prevention and naturalness. Check out three (golden) tips that these young people (almost adults) follow!

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Gen Z, more than any other, knows the importance of putting mental health first. So it’s no wonder that self-care is so highly prized by this generation. Adopting a practical and equally effective beauty care routine is an excellent strategy for reducing stress and anxiety. In this sense, it’s also worth investing in cosmetics that combine multiple actions in a single product.

Photo: Pexels

This generation knows that there is no age to start a skincare routine and they show us what dermatologists have been preaching for some time: prevention is the best way forward, after all, the damage caused by external agents accumulates over time. And the most powerful weapon in this fight is sunscreen, from an early age!

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Young people are interested in buying more products that are considered clean, natural and sustainable. For example, the trend known as Clean Beauty has gained popularity among this audience. Therefore, the cosmetics sought by Gen Z, in addition to being clean for the skin, must also be harmless to the environment.

So, do you already follow any of the GenZ tips?